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10 Best Amazon Finds for Back to School

I love Amazon and I know I’m not alone! I compiled a list of my tried and true classroom favorites. The best part? The entire list total is less than $100 so every item is affordable on a teacher budget. 🙌🏼 You are going to love some of these helpful classroom items (your students will too!)

These hook/latch spots are the best. I use them as carpet spots, I have used them as line up spots, and my students love having a defined space. If you have carpeting in your classroom they are the perfect way to have student areas, set assigned seats, and help enforce personal space. These are super affordable and can easily be cleaned and vacuumed over! I have used this set and star shaped styles.

Marble fidgets are my favorite fidget toys. I love these toys because they are small and quiet. They are easy for students to keep in desks or hold in the classroom and use discreetly. They also come in a 10 pack for $5.99, so for less than $1 each it can’t be beat!

Hear me out- I thought I hated these markers, but now I am a big fan. They come in lots of colors and they are actually perfect for so many teacher tasks. They are super thin and great for dry erase class lists, writing on calendars, and giving feedback. I don’t share these with my students, but I enjoy the colors and how convenient they are compared to VisAVis markers.

I put a class list in the back of a binder to easily make a class list dry erase.

I am a list maker! Lined Post It Notes make things better- trust me! I like to keep these on hand to make impromptu changed lesson plans, to do lists, lists of students, etc. They are so handy and colorful too! I keep these at my desk and at my small group table so that I am always prepared. They are a great size for organizing student groups and more.

Teachers love pens. I love Flair Pens and Ink Joys as much as the next teacher, but these Crayolas are my current faves. I love the vibrant colors, and it’s so cool that they have a pen AND a highlighter. Perfect for prof development, staff meetings, and quick highlighting. Pen perfection right here. I’ll take the whole rainbow.

I got this stamp for Christmas one year and it’s honestly genius. When I collect student writing I flip through the stack and I can quickly stamp papers that are missing the date (also a great student job). This makes creating writing portfolios and collecting data so easy! It would be perfect for dating assessments and anything else too.

Guess Who? is a favorite game in my classroom every year. It’s honestly an amazing game for all ages. It practices critical thinking skills, questioning, and deductive reasoning. I have even created new versions of Guess Who to focus on word work skills we are learning. A classroom staple, right here.

These. Magnets. Are. Life. Changing. When I was in elementary school, I remember all of my teachers had those little gingerbread men clip magnets. These are the new thing- trust me. If you have a magnet board in your classroom, you need these. They are small, but mighty. I use they little guys to hold up schedule cards, notes, extra papers, banners, anchor charts, they are the best! I love that they come in an assortment of colors too. A set of 90 magnets (90!) also means that you can literally have they all of your classroom and not have to ration them. Hang up all the things!

This book is a new classic and should be a staple in every classroom. Shannon Olsen (@LifeBetweenSummers) wrote this sweet story about the importance of every student in a classroom and how they fit together to make a family. I read this book to my class at the beginning of every each to beginning building a community and my classroom management. A truly wonderful story.

I threw in a bonus item here, but they have the same purpose. Walls or cinder blocks, StikkiClips and StikkiDots are the best for hanging up classroom items. I taught in a school with cinder block walls and no AC for years and this was the only thing that worked for me. This product is a sticky wax. It is removable and reusable and does an awesome job of holding up papers, posters, and poster boards. If you are looking for a new way to hang up things in your classroom, give this a shot!

The BOBCAT PROUD letters have been successfully on the wall for 5 years! StikkiClips for the win!

Drum roll please...

If you have been adding up the total you should be at $98.16 for all eleven items (prices subject to change at any time).

Ready to shop?

Interested in any of my favorites? You can shop my BTS favorites in one place by clicking here. Items linked to Amazon are affiliate links, so I will earn a very small commission at no charge to you.

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