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Class Lists for EVERYTHING!

Updated: May 10, 2020

I love lists. All the lists. To do lists. Goal lists. Class lists Give me all the lists.

One of my favorite teacher tips is this:

I print a full page class list and then put it in the back cover of my teacher binder. Once it's in my binder, I can use wet or dry erase markers to easily mark things off, then erase. SO EASY. Not a binder fan? Laminate your list or use a page protector. Want to grab this list template for FREE? Click here to have it sent straight to your inbox!

This list is great for when I quickly need to check a few things off. I've got this binder on my desk, so it is always hand. For other items, I use half sheet class lists. I format these class lists to have different numbers of columns for the week. It helps me keep track of student trends.

I use these lists of single assignments, checking things in (field trip money, etc), and for assignments we complete multiple times throughout the week.

Check in sheets stay in my turn in bins. After things are turned in, I have a student check off assignments and put them back in the bin, check sheet on top. This helps me see what has been checked in, and students can keep handing in papers on top. I can easily paperclip or binder clip these lists to papers, or staple several together to keep data organized.

For assignments like morning work, I use lists with 5 columns. I keep this list in the basket all week long so I can track morning work each day. My students come in at different times, so I'm not strict about our morning work, but this allows me to visualize who is not completing their work each day, or see other patterns. If a student is late or absent, I just mark the box with an L or A.

I use lists to track student centers as well. My kids do each center twice a week, so I have a list for each center. By Wednesday, each student will have been to each center at least once. These lists help me see if students are on track.

I also color code my lists because lists + color coding makes my heart happy. I store my lists in page protectors, on a binder ring, on a command hook over my turn in bins. Class lists are always ready to use when I need them.

If you're interested in learning more about these customizable class lists, click the image below for a quick video overview!

Stay organized!

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