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Keep it together with Google Keep™!

Google Keep™ is one of my very favorite Google apps. It is the ultimate list maker.

With this app, I can build lists, create notes, copy lists to Google Docs™, and add collaborators just like on Drive™. Because Keep is a Google app, I can access it on any device- so convenient!!

Keep is easy to customize and make work for my schedule, which I am all about.

I still use Google Calendar for important events, but Google Keep has been an easy way for me to have an "anywhere planner" and stay accountable and productive throughout the week. Each Sunday I sit down and set up the next week and I am good to go.

Here are the top 5 things I love about Google Keep and how to set them up- just in case you want to try it out, too!

1. See all lists in one place, or tag and group lists. When you are on the home page of Google Keep, the "notes" tab, you can see all the lists and notes in one place. This is helpful if you want to see everything together or if you are looking for something. You can also use the search bar at the top!

When I create a new set of lists I start a new label so I can isolate those lists and see them together. To do that, click "edit labels" on the left and choose a title. To create my weekly planner, I would make "weekly planner" the title. When you create a label it will automatically tag your lists. You'll notice this label at the bottom of lists and notes. It's also like a hashtag. If you add more, it will allow you to see the same list in more than one labeled "tab" or board. Each label you create will show up as a title in the lefthand bar.

Click "take a note" at the top to create your first note. Again, if you do this inside of a label, that note will get the label automatically. Begin typing to create an all text note. To create a list with checkboxes, click the three dots and "show checkboxes". I always make my title the day for that day of the week. My next favorite thing about Google Keep are the customer headers, which brings me to...

2. Create custom headers for beautiful lists! I feel more organized and put together when things can be pretty. I know that sounds silly, but it's true! Keep is easy to personalize and I appreciate that I can create custom headers to make my lists look and feel more like me.

Here's how to create your own pretty list headers:

Open PowerPoint/KeyNote/Google Slides or Canva and set the slide to 6in wide by 3in tall.

In PowerPoint go to the design tab, slide size, custom and type in the values.

Type one header title into each slide and set as the colors and fonts of your choice. I used Century Gothic bold and BB Miss Michelle by Miss 5th (click here to check it out on TpT

I created an outline look on my letters by going to text settings. To do this, double click on your text and go to the menu on the right side of your screen. You can also right click, format shape, text options, and then change outline options.

After your slides look beautiful, save them as images and you are ready to add them to your lists!

Saving Slides as images:

Mac directions- file, export, save every slide (choose JPEG or PNG)

PC directions- file, save as, save every slide (choose JPEG or PNG)

It will create a folder titled the same as your PowerPoint document and number the slide images. These directions may vary slightly if you are using Keynote or Google Slides. You can do it!

Once you get back to Google Keep, open the list or notes one at a time and click the image icon. Browse your computer for the folder of slides you just saved and click the matching image. Ta-da! Beautiful headers. That easy.

If you want to see how I do this, check out the Google Keep video on my YouTube channel starting at 1:14. You can also clip the paint talent and choose a color for your list to match your header. I did this for mine (pictured).

3. Pin lists on each page for a customized look. Create a Keep board that works best for you and prioritize lists as needed. When you pin lists (click on the tack in the top right of each list/note), it automatically goes to the far left spot of the top row. If you would like your days of the week in order start with Friday and go backwards to Monday. I keep my weekend days and other notes on my unpinned section.

4.Set reminders on list and share with collaborators. When you are viewing your list, click the bell to set dates for lists. This can be helpful if you want to be reminded or set a notification each day for a list. You can only set one per list, so this could be an end of the day notification for you to check in on progress or check off tasks. You can click the person with the plus sign (to the right of the bell) to add collaborators. I use my personal account for Keep, but if I am creating a list with school or curriculum ideas, I can share it with my school account so that I can access it in both places.

5. Set up your lists once and reuse each week! You will need to decide what works best for you here. I edit my titles and change them to new dates each Sunday. When you are viewing an open list, you can choose to hide or view completed tasks. You can also click the three dots to "deleted checked/completed items" or you can copy the list to start fresh without having to reinsert your header, etc. I just remove the completed tasks and keep going. This is also handy if I have incomplete tasks. My one complaint is that I can't drag tasks between lists/days, you can only rearrange tasks within the same list. If I need to move tasks between days I just copy and paste.


I create lists for Monday-Friday, Weekend, and a Weekly List. When I am planning for the week on Sunday, I first go through and add a checkbox for my non-negotiable. I add in appointments, meetings, anything that must happen on a certain day of the week. I add in anything else for certain days- sometimes it is meal ideas or habit reminders. After that, I work on my weekly list!

My weekly list has tasks that I need to complete at some point during the week, but don't need to be done on a certain day. For example, calling to set up an appointment, filming a video, picking up something at the store. It helps me to have those reminders in one place.

Google Keep has been such a big help for me because it is versatile and easy to use! Check out my YouTube video to see this tips in action. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite feature!

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