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More Work Time, Less Login Time!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

More Work Time, Less Login Time!

Chromebooks out! Let’s login and get typing! The first time I do this with my class each year I immediately regret it. We can’t find the letters we need. We can’t find Google Chrome. Everything is not awesome. Can you relate?!

It’s fine. I’m Fine. Everything is fine.

It’s not just you. We’ve all been there. Learning how to use technology is tricky. I’ve figured out a solution! I start by displaying a Chromebook Keyboard on my SmartBoard. I circle all the important keys that my students will need to login in (anything featured in their email and password).

Then we all log in together. If some students are speedy, they can walk around and be quiet helpers. The other important thing for this is to have every login in one place. I use editable login cards. You can check them out here if you are interested.

Set Routines

Every time my class gets out Chromebooks/technology, they know that we stay in our seats and we do our best to stay patient. Things don’t always go as planned, but we can ask for help and we will figure it out. I always display a large keyboard on the board and circle important keys so that students see what they need, and we practice skills gradually (see example of large keyboard on SmartBoard above).

Embrace the learning process!

We start off our technology time by practicing typing on Google Slides. We aren’t perfect typers, but we do know who to use basic keyboard functions like space, shift, and punctuation. My students know generally where the keys are and they are getting better and better at typing each day. We practice typing our letters one at a time, and then combining them so that we can practice and take our time.

Learning is hard, but it gets easier!

Using technology in the classroom can be daunting, but my students are always thrilled on the days when we get out our Chromebooks! Practice makes progress, so don’t be afraid to model, so examples, and take your time with your class.

Want to try some typing with your students?

If you are interested in typing practice with your students, click here to get a few days of free typing practice to it out! Audio clips and videos are included for easy directions!

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