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Teacher, how do I type this?

I know I am not alone. Every school year we get out our devices for the first time to login and it takes forever. Then, we ambitiously start to type our writing. At that point, it's an afternoon commitment.

In my classroom, I try my best to teach my students 21st century skills all year long so that my students can collaborate, communicate, think critically, and work creativity. This is all fine and dandy, but if my students can't effectively communicate with technology, it isn't worth much.

I have started to use Google Slides™ to teach keyboard to my primary student and it is amazing! This resource is designed to teach keyboard familiarity, not perfect keyboarding form.

It starts by teaching letters on the keyboard so students can practice finding and using keys in capital and lowercase form, then transitions to CVC words, and then to sentence skills so that students can scaffold up to writing.

Breaking down keyboarding skills has made all the difference. I didn't jumped onto a two-wheeler and learn how to ride a bike that I day. I started with my tricycle, then I had training wheels, then I had my big kid bike. This is what my primary students needed and maybe you feel the same way too!

Click the image below to see a video overview, and click here if you want to try out two days for FREE.

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