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This or That: What Timers Do I Need?

Do you want your centers to be able to run themselves? Timers help my students gain time independence and have a visual reminder of their work time. Let’s find the perfect set of centers timer slides for your classroom! Take a look at these FAQs and these handy comparison chart. (Scroll down to see a side-by-side comparison chart)

How do I start my timers?

When you are ready to start your centers, hit present and everything will be good to go! If you are using a PowerPoint version, slides with switch automatically. If you are using a Google Slides version, choose a student to hit the space bar and switch slides when the timer runs out. Bam! Easy centers.

Can I change the time length of my center rotations?

Absolutely! Every set of center timers has a variety of time lengths to choose from. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please fill out the customer service form and I am happy to help you set up your timers. You can also check out this video on my YouTube channel for how to adjust countdown timers.

Can I rearrange my center order?

It depends! On several of the original rotation timer sets, the clipart is locked to respect the clipartist’s work. There are many options so that hopefully you can find a layout to meet your needs. HOWEVER, I do know that the layouts I provided do not meet every need. I am happy to make some small changes. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please fill out the customer service form and I will help you create a layout. If you purchased Custom Rotation Timers, we will work together to make your perfect set. If you purchase Build Your Own, you will have access to a library of center icons to rearrange and create your own center layout.

Can I use my timers on Google Slides AND PowerPoint?

I wish they worked interchangeably! Unfortunately, the timers do not work on both platforms. Please be mindful of which timers you are purchasing so that you can find the set that will work best for your classroom. The sets have the same purpose, but are set up differently.

Can I have a set of timers to match my classroom decor?

Yes! I would encourage you to choose Custom Rotation timers so that you can choose Google or PowerPoint timers and all the design items to match your classroom and center preferences.

Can I edit my centers?

All of the centers titles/text is editable so that you can label them to match your classroom terminology. The picture's are locked to respect the clipartist's work. If changing/rearranging center order is important to you, please consider Build Your Own Rotation Timers so that you can move around the order yourself.

*Changes available with a customer service request would be small changes (like if there are no layouts that offer your centers or a time adjustment), not a fully custom set of timers.*

Did I miss something?!

Send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP! I realize that choosing timers can be a big decision! →

Classroom timers are my favorite!

Click here to grab some free transition timers to get your started. Be sure to send me a pic on Instagram if you love using them in your classroom!

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