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10 Resources for an Organized and Easy Back to School

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Back to school is a crazy time. There is seemingly always more to do as you prep your classroom for your new students. Remember that you have all school year to build up your classroom- it doesn't all have to happen in August.

Here are my top 10 resources for an easy and organized back to school!

1. Easy Login Cards: Logging into devices can take ages and so many different logins. Create login cards for your students before the year starts so that students can have access to all of their logins in one place. Type each site/app one time and all of the cards auto-fill to save time. Check out a preview here.

2. Data Tracking: A digital template (Google Sheets) to collect, check off, and organize student data. Directions are included for tips on easy setup!

3. Typing Time: Prep digital word work/writing (language) on Google Slides with just a few clicks! Start with CVC words and work up to language standards while building technology and typing skills. It's a win! Slides include audio clips and video directions.

4. Everyday Timers: These timers are a must for every classroom! Use these to build independence, promote time management during activities, and keep your day on track with ease. Just display, click, and time!

5. Differentiated Letter Tiles: Print these letter tiles with or without picture cues for small group or word work word building. Letter tiles are a great tactile way to practice sight word and phonetic words each day. Print and prep once- use for years to come!

6. Labels: Label all the things! An organized classroom is a happy classroom! Having labeled bins makes it easy for teachers and students to find what they need and function seamlessly. Check out these editable labels.

7. Printable Centers Board or Build Your Own Centers Timers: Keep your centers groups organized, timely, and on track. Build student independence and accountability by providing timers during work time!

8. Class List Templates: Type your student names ONCE and create a variety of class list templates that you can edit, print, and use all year long! So easy and much needed! Check out a preview here.

9. Lesson Plan Templates: Edit one of these pre-made templates to match your schedule so that you are set for the year! I love lesson planning on Google Slides because I can plan from anywhere, plan with coworkers, and easily edit my template. I will never go back to paper planning.

10. Weekly To Do Lists: Type on the editable list or print them off each week to stay organized and productive each week. I complete the same tasks during my planning time each day at school to stay productive and bring the smallest amount of schoolwork home.

Bonus: Click here to check out some of my favorite classroom products on Amazon! (These are affiliate links, so I earn a small percentage if you make a purchase)

Questions? Drop a comment or send me an email. Happy back to school season!


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