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The Accountability Mistake-what I learned about overdoing centers work collection

I’m an overachiever. Anyone else? I used to do 5 center rotations a day (HOW?) and collect every single center my students did. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was madness. Let’s talk about what that year taught me.

I have tried a million different things.

When it comes to implementing centers I feel like I have tried it all. I have tried centers folders, Seesaw, packets, collecting all the work in the world, rotating around the room, rotating centers bins… Y’all. I’m clearly crazy. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that the work I am giving my students during centers is intentional AND I don’t want a mountain of papers of grade. My students don't want a mountain of papers do to either- let's be real.

  1. I started to simplify.

By simplifying centers I have been able to make my centers so much more meaningful.

  • I now do 2 center rotations each day.

  • I can manage student behaviors better with less rotations each day because there is less movement around the room.

  • I can focus more attention on my small groups for a longer amount of time each day.

  • There are less paper piles/grades and higher accountability.

2. The center’s work solution.

How is there less paper and more accountability? Let’s talk about that. I love a good list. Because my students visit each center twice a week, have a two column class list in each center bin. As my students complete their work, they had it into the bin. At the end of centers, my student helpers check off work and place the class list on the top of the stack so I can see what work has been checked off. At the end of the week, every student’s name should have both check marks next to it. I can grade any work under the class list throughout the week, or save it until the end of the week. It is much easier to grade that 5 papers per student per center.

3. Strong routines

My students are familiar with the centers routines and it is consistent from week to week. If students finish a task, they know to start their second task for the week, or what digital work to begin. Digital work is self checking on BoomLearning. Students are engaged because they are visiting 2 different centers each day and the tasks vary. Not every day requires a paper assignment, but the routine is expected. Students also have work that is their choice after they finish.

Keep centers work manageable for you and students.

Create a routine for students and provide them with work that is meaningful and manageable so that they can get the most out of their centers time.

Create accountability with your students.

Ready to create an accountable centers time in your classroom? Click here to download a free sample of my class lists and get started today.

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So, do students stay in each center for a longer period of time. How much time do you spend with each group per day at the teacher table? Do you see every student, every day?

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